non-roadioactive northern blotting

Carl Simard c.simard at
Tue Oct 20 17:24:18 EST 1998

I actually use the Boeringher DIG system with CDP-Star and it works well
with northern. We have the same sensitivity than P32. However, it may
require some tune-up to detect rare mRNA but for abundant mRNA it works
quite well.

Carl Simard

Dave Boyd wrote:

> Last time I did northern blotting (years ago) I used a probe labelled
> with 32P. I need to do it again but want to use non-radioactive methods.
> What kits do people use? we have a number of Amersham kits, which one
> works good for northerns?
> What about membranes? I 'm hearing bad things about Hybond N+ for
> northerns.
> Dave Boyd
> david_boyd at

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