wanted:opinions about the utility of a 2d gel database for protein interactions

Dr. Paul Gold paulgold at MVP.NET
Tue Oct 20 16:19:47 EST 1998

 I'd like to put a few questions to the group that have arisen during
discussion about a project we are doing with mouse proteins induced by
the unfolded protein response.
      1.  Does anyone know of any mouse protein 2d gel database that is
publicly available?  I am aware of the private human database that is
being constructed by Incyte and Oxford Glycosystems but do not know of
any public proteome database.
     2.  We are investigating the Amersham/Pharmacia 2d systems.  The
systems seems highly reproducible using their immobilized pH gradient.
Does anyone's lab have their apparatus?  We are also investigating

software for use in acquiring and interpreting the results.  But it is
pricey: $18,000 with the scanner.  Any thoughts?
     3.  Has any lab ever used 2d gels to try to decipher potential
protein interaction?  For example, if you took a crude prep and
subjected it to a variety of purification procedures, would you expect
interacting proteins to appear in 2d gels in a single lane and in
identical percentages?   If you take fractions from cation exchange
and do 2d gels and then compare it to fractions from sizing columns and
compare these to fractions from a hydrophobic column could a database
be constructed that would tell you which proteins copurify together.
this exist anywhere?
     I would appreciate any feedback.


Paul Gold

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