rabbits are not from this world....

Cattaruzza cattaruzza at veg-physiol.med.uni-goettingen.de
Wed Oct 21 10:44:40 EST 1998

dear scientific community,

when I cloned some PCR- fragments derived from rabbit cDNA I got a strange

all three fragments (which were different) I analyzed by blast at EMBL just
hacking those sequences in the form and waiting what might come out. 
The analysis gave me always five to ten unrelated genes with (shorter to
full length similarities) up to 75%, no real hit: unknown genes! So far no
cause to wonder about it.....
now, why were these genes all!!! from rabbit? again: they are unrelated
like TCR, glycolysis enzymes (two), bile acid transporter (best hit for one
sequence) fatty acid transporter (best hit for another sequence) and so on.
So, disappointingly, I have to assume that my sequences contain not
(only)the information for some protein (I would have liked rabbit ecNOS)but
a "species information"....
or: what makes this DNA having so long ears?  
are rabbits not from this world?
I would expect that it is possible to get a origin of a given unknown
sequence by a elaborated codon usage analysis in some cases but this is
ridiculous or am I completely blind? At least this never happened to me
with a other species (rat, human, pig... what´s different about rabbit?).

this is serious and no joke (maybe I wouldn´t believe, when I would read
this message)

Any ideas? Thank you in advance 

M. Cattaruzza 

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