Host cells for Lambda FIX II?

Scott Henderson scotth at
Wed Oct 21 11:34:36 EST 1998

Thank you all for your suggestions.  I am now get very nice recombinant
Lambda FIX II plaques on a beautiful lawn of XL1 Blue MRA (not P2) cells. 
For your information I am including an e-mail I got from Marisa Pearce of
Stratagene.  I appears without her permission, but I don't think she would

Scott Henderson, PhD

The following is from
Marisa Pearce
Technical Services

>We suggest XL1 Blue MRA and MRA(P2) with Lambda FIX II libraries because
the strains need to be Rec A(+) with this vector. The main reason is
because when an insert is cloned into the FIX II vector, the stuffer
fragment (14 kb) is removed along with the Red and Gam genes necessary for
lambda replication. The Rec A(+) host strain provides an alternate pathway
for replication.

. . . XL1 Blue MRA P2 selects for recombinant vectors by spi selection. You
could use the standard LE392, however it has restriction systems present
that can chew up the genomic insert.

Scott Henderson
Los Angeles, California, USA
scotth at

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