Triton X114, Ni-NTA purification, B-PER

jessica kaufman jkaufman at WESTMONT.EDU
Wed Oct 21 13:48:08 EST 1998

	I am having problems Ni-NTA purifying a recombinant protein because the
protein will not bind.  I am thinking, among many things, that perhaps
the detergent I am using to extract (B-PER) is somehow causing the
problem (though I have not had this problem in the past).  B-PER has
been my detergent of choice for many reasons, one of which is that it
dialyzes out nicely.  Triton X100 does not dialyze out enough, but I
have read many articles which describe using Triton X114 to extract, and
I am wondering if Triton X114 does better.
	I am also wondering if anyone knows much about B-PER (Pierce is not
forthcoming with information, understandably so)--i.e., how much (if
any) salt is in it, micelle size, if it's one detergent or a combination
of more than one, etc.etc.
		Jessica Kaufman

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