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Antonin Tutter atutter at
Thu Oct 22 23:57:08 EST 1998

>> greg at (Dr. Greg Quinn) said:
>> > Vladimir
>> > I think you're being over-sensitive; the term 'littered' is
>> > simply used here to mean 'frequently found', unless I've missed
>> > some kind of subtext.
>> To be precise, Merriam-Webster has for "littered"
>> > 3 a : to strew with scattered articles b : to scatter about in
>> > disorder c : to lie about in disorder <their upside-down hats
>> > littered the top of the bar -- Michael Chabon> d : to mark with
>> > objects scattered at random <a book littered with misprints>
>Well, if Meriam Webster's saz so it must be true then. So when you see a
>sign smth. like "Don't litter the highway" it simply means that the authors
>want you to neatly arrange your rubbish in a non-random fashion (such as in
>heaps matching in size the set of prime numbers), rather than not
>obstaining from throwing away the litter... Well, you could try it and
>argue with a state trooper that according to Meriam Webster's dictionary
>littering has nothing to do with the kind of articles that are being
>scattered but rather with the orderly or disorderly fashion of the

I may not speak for everyone reading this thread, but I think it has drifted
well off it's intended course.  Let's put our egos aside, stop wasting
bandwidth on these silly retorts, and get back to constructive intellectual

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