rabbits are not from this world....

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 >  now, why were these genes all!!! from rabbit? again: they are unrelated
 >  like TCR, glycolysis enzymes (two), bile acid transporter (best hit for one
 >  sequence) fatty acid transporter (best hit for another sequence) and so on.
 >  So, disappointingly, I have to assume that my sequences contain not
 >  (only)the information for some protein (I would have liked rabbit ecNOS)but
 >  a "species information"....

 >  Any ideas? Thank you in advance 

Chickens have a repeat sequence known as a CR1 (chicken Repeats sequence 1)
dispersed throughout the genome. It appears in many chicken DNA sequences
and so searching a new sequence containing a CR1 always results in a large
number of hits against seemingly unrelated sequences. The CR1 also
translates into something that looks very much like a polymerase so you
also get different hits in the DNA vs Protein Blast search.

Human sequences contain Alu repeats. Pigs and mice also have repeat
sequences in them which presumably cause similar problems.

 >  are rabbits not from this world?

Now thats a different matter altogether :o}


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