PCR to Agarose Gel Shortcuts

Fraser Dr N J njf16154 at ggr.co.uk
Fri Oct 23 10:03:28 EST 1998

I've recently started using REDTaq from Sigma. This has the loading dye
already mixed with the enzyme and comes at the useful concn. of 1u/ul.
1ul in 25ul does the trick although 2.5/50 is recommended. You go
straight from rxn. to gel and I've had very good results with it so far.
It's reasonably priced as well.
Hope this is of some use.
Cheers - Neil.
No affiliation to Sigma etc. etc.

John Scott Meschke wrote:
> Does anyone having time saving shortcuts for running PCR products on an
> agarose gel?
> My current protocol involves aliquoting 15 microliters (of 100) of
> product with 3 microliters of 1x gibco loading buffer.  I am considering
> skipping the aliquot step and putting loading buffer directly into my
> product tube.  This will eliminate a centrifuge step, and at least one
> pippetting step.  What I am concerned about is the stability of the cDNA
> in the presence of loading buffer over time.  The assays I am running
> are merely presence absence and I do not need to manipulate the DNA
> after running the gel except for gene probing for confirmation. Does
> this sound like a good idea?  Are there any other time savers out
> there?  I have considered red taq, but I am concerned with the potential
> differences between the Amplitaq that I currently use and the red taq.
> My experiments are long term comparisons and I hate to modify my
> protocols too much over the course of the experiment.  Thanks alot.
> Scott

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