help, Ab Staining.

Yang jingxuan yjx at PUBLIC.EAST.CN.NET
Sun Oct 25 20:05:10 EST 1998

Hi, folks: 
    Can some one help me? my friend encounter a confusing problem while doing the label and
    stain with the cells on slide. he had succeed with those AB on Cos
    Cells for Transient expression assay, but when he turn to the MDBK
    cells that may have the intergrated gene coding the target protein
    and just have the posibility to express it. he failed to see
    anything in the fluoresence microscope. it seems that the Antibody
    does not bind to the cell at all. Does any noe know why? is there
    any difference betweewn the  Cos cells and the MDBK cells?it is a
    little confusing that the AB works well at the transivnt  assay, but
    does have no effectin to MDBK cells. And what may affect the result
    during the work?


   yang JX	

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