antony 94221532 at HERMES.USHERB.CA
Mon Oct 26 13:52:48 EST 1998

  I am using an unknown amount of proteins in the middle of which i have a
peptide to acetylate. This peptide is covalently linked to another. I want 
to acetylate this peptide in its N-termini but this N-termini as a
secondary amine (sarcosine (N-methyl glycine)). We have been using Sulfo NHS 
Acetate (Pierce) which is a compound that acetylates primary amines but the
yield of the reaction is either unsufficient and unsatisfying. Would you 
happen to know any other way of acetylating proteins to give a tertiary
amine at the n-terminal considering that it is impossible to purify the mix
proteins. The reason we are doing this is to block the N-termini to be able
to proceed for Edman degradation which will degrade the covalently bound 
protein but not the peptide. Thanx 

                        Antony BOUCARD M. Sc Pharmacology 
                        University of Sherbrooke, Canada

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