DNA extraction, from blood or sperm?

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> Which sample is better for DNA extraction, blood or sperm? 
> All your answers will be welcome.

That reminds me of an old friend of mine who wanted us to do DNA
fingerprinting of the European bisons to study the level of inbreeding in
several herds. He asked us the same question, and I recall saying something
to the effect that I'd prefer the liver sample, but that the blood would be
easier to get (out of a live bison). The dude said that if possible he'd
rather not cut up bisons at all and try to get the sperm instead. We said
that the sperm would be also fine and told him how to store it from what we
knew (or guessed) from the forensics manual, and the guy told us what he
read in some vet's manual about the ways to stimulate a bull to collect the
sperm. A few weeks later he came back featuring some black-n-yellowing
hoofprints on his chest and shoulders but gave no details to his adventure
except a vague statement that something in the vet's manual seemed to
irritate the bisons a great deal. Now he was out for blood...
On more serious note: there are reliable methods to isolate genomic DNA
from both sources, but given a choice I'd pick blood (if the liver is not
available <G>).


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