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Dear Tao, What you are doing is multiplex PCR. You can find a lot of
literature on this topic. Also there are commercially available softwares
like Primer Premier ( etc. which help in designing
primers for multiplex PCR based on your experimental conditions. They remove
the primers that cross hybridize or false primer. In this way the primers act
specifically. I hope this information will be of use to you.

Ravi Gupta

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  zxn at PENTIUM.WHIOV.AC.CN (zxn) wrote:
> Dear sir:
> Now I want to do a specific PCR reaction which include some differnt
> templates and
> the correspondence primers in a single tube,and I want to get some PCR
> products just
> in one reaction,and I name it as Multiple PCR.In the same time ,I plan to do
> RT-PCR and
> normal-PCR by the same way,in one tube and one reaction.
> I don't know has somebody done this before,and where can I get the papers
> about this,
> If you has known something,would you be so kind as to tell me?
> I also appreciate the suggestion from you.
> Thank you very much!
> Best wishes!
> Tao
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