GFP fluorescence- mounting soln

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Wed Oct 28 05:33:29 EST 1998

Hello Nacha, 

Normally we're using something called "Permafluor". But it seems to 
me that it quenches GFP quite much, too. At least I can see strongly 
fluorescent cells and run lots of sections with the confocal without 
getting too much blecahing. 
For short observations I'd recommend PBS/glycerol with or without 5% 
n-propylgallate (as antifade). 
You might know that acetone or methanol are killing GFP fluorescence. 
So either 3,7% formaldehyde for 10 min or even nothing (you have to 
view your cells immediately then) are suitable. 

Good luck and happy GFPing!


> I would like to know what kind of mounting solution could be used for
> Immuno fluorescence of mammalian cells with GFP fusion proteins.
> If any one has used the Biorad Fluouroguard or Vecta shield, could you
> please give me feedback on the background level etc. I seem to have
> problem with the biorad fluoroguard soln.
> Thank you
> Nacha
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