Non Radioactive Southern Blotting - Teaching

kevin gilbride gilbride at
Wed Oct 28 21:46:20 EST 1998

Random primed Dig labelling (Genious Boehringer-Mannhiem) ~1.5 hr,
X-dig.HRP, Amersham ECL detect, a little more for reagents but savings on
disposal and handling make it up.

Have a good one

KJ Gilbride

> Hi
> I run a MSc course, and the students carry out various mol biol
> techniques, in particular a Southern blot, Northern blot and lambda
> phage library lift screening.
> Up until now I have used P32 to make radioactive probes to screen the
> filters for the above techniques.
> I was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction (if
> considered suitable) for a reliable non-radioactive method of detection
> (Amersham ECL, biotin, digoxigenin, etc) to be used with the above three
> techniques.

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