neomycin-G418 confusion

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> :Probably the archetypal mammalian vector is pSV2neo which
> :has neo under the control of the SV40 promoter...
> :     Always room for more confusion....
> :          Bernard
> Sure :-),  here is more: the original pSV2neo contained mutated copy of 
> neo which had lower catalytic activity. It is corrected in the newer 
> vectors like pCIneo.
>         - Dima

I usually hear this cited as a "feature" rather than an error
with the usual reason being that the less active protein allows
you to use less G418.  Or that this allows you to select for
cells with more copies of the plasmids (episomal) or
integrated copies.  Sounds like hand waving to me but there
may be some truth to it...
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