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San Francisco, CA.
Nova  Gen, Inc. - an emerging BioTech company - founded 1994 -
specializing in  unique Biomaterials and  Medical Devices - announces
the AWARD of an U.S. Patent # 5,814,328 (Sept.29,1998) for the
"Preparation of  Collagen Using Papain and a Reducing agent".  The
resulting Collagen is Ultrapure suited for all biomedical applications.

The Twice Treatment Process (TTP) and other unique purification steps of
the patented technology results in a less immunogenic and better
biocompatible collagen than that are currently available in the
commercial market (proven pre-clinical studiesRef).

Collagen  has become an important tool for hastening the healing process
of injured tissues.  Nova Gen has  also developed proprietary methods to
render other surface modifications to enhance bioactivity of the
proteinRef. This energized pure (99%) collagen, "CollagenPRO", can be
used for different biomedical applications.
1. Superior Wound Healing products (HealiColl, HemoColl) used as
resorbable dressing materials for external wounds, burns, bed sores and
2. Surgical Products  and Implants like tissue  glues,  fillers and
resorbable sutures including Gum infection management product
3. Skin care products (NeoSkin  and SkinFader) and Purified  raw
collagen for cosmetic use.
4. Research products including collagen coated surgical products such as
shunts, catheters, implants, Biotech products like cell-culture plates
(CollagenPRO COAT); &
5. Gene therapy  products (Collatrix) .

One of the major US distributors for Research Products has independently
tested Nova Gen's CollagenPRO COAT and are currently distributing
through their 1999 catalog.

1. Biocompatibility,
2. Bioresorbability
3. Cell Attractability,
4. Hemostatic Ability,
5. Slow and Sustained Release of Bound Drugs,
6. Increased Solubility & Optical clarity at neutral pH
     after  chemical modification,
7. Enhanced bonding to active drugs or factors,
8. Available in powder, tubular, gel, film, surface coating,
     sponge or in fabric form,
9. Better Bioactive coatings on inactive surfaces.
· compared to current commercial products

Unlike previously reported enzymatic methods (U.S. Patent No. 3,529,530
and 5,316,942) for collagen preparation, the present invention utilizes
a Two-step
enzyme Treatment (TTP) Process-which renders collagen polymers
non-inflammatory when implanted. Papain, an enzyme extracted from
papaya, is known to break the disulfide bonds of cysteine. Papain has
also been reported to have a lytic effect of elastin, one of the
contaminants that is difficult to remove from purified collagen
(Coulson, Biochim. Biophys. Acta 237:378,  1971; and Smith et al.,
Nature 198:1311-2, 1963.)

Papain used before and after treatment of the collagen with a reducing
and/or a unfolding agent, is provided access to most of the collagen
molecules' surfaces, and facilitates the release of trapped immunogenic
sites from the collagen preparation. This patented process results in a
highly purified collagen that is non-immunogenic.

The collagen is further bioactivated by varied degrees of controlled
modification of Phosphorylation.  Purified collagen can be
chemically-modified by covalently binding phosphates to hydroxyl groups
of hydroxylated amino acids.  This reaction likely involves covalent
bonding of phosphate to hydroxyl group of serine, tyrosine and/or
threonine, hydroxylysine and hydroxyproline. The reaction is
controllable to achieve different degrees of bioactivity for varied
applications as requiredRef.
Ref. : US Patent Number 5,814,328, Sept.29, 1998.

CollagenPRO - Versatile Applications:
Useful in  biological implants, grafts and transplants.
Controlled drug delivery.
Superior Hemostatic agent.
Clear solution can be used in Ophthalmology.
In cell cultures - as a support for in vitro cell growth.
Enhanced delivery of growth factors and other cytokines.    (compared
U.S. Patent No. 5,374,539)
Cell signal transduction applications
Gene therapy etc.
Global Market Size:
· Skin care  $0.5 Billn.*;
· Wound healing  $1.26 Billn.*;
· Surgical  $0.25 Billn.*;
· Research $0.58 Billn*.
*(Burrill and Company -'97,  Theta Corp. Nov. '96).
· Sutures $1.6 Billion/year (Marketletter Jan 1998)
· Skin Ulcers $7 Billion/year (Marketletter-Jan 1998)
· Gene Therapy $45Billn.-yr2010(Business Week,Jan. 1997)

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