Hygromycin-B selection

Conrad R Fjetland fjetland at bcm.tmc.edu
Sat Oct 31 00:09:36 EST 1998


We use Hygromycin-B here and haven't any problems, other than it is
expensive.  I am transfecting human H441 cells and CHO cells.  You need to
do a kill curve with untransfected cells to determine the optimum amount
of hygro to add.  This will very from cell line to cell line, but the
usual starting point is around 400 ug/ml.  Good luck.

Conrad R. Fjetland, Ph.D.
Baylor College of Medicine

serguei at bch.univie.ac.at wrote:
: Hi!

: Has anybody experience with the selection of transfected ES-cells via
: Hygromycin-B?

: Thanks, Alice :-)

: Alice Bader
: Inst. f. Biochem./Med. Faculty
: A-1030 Vienna/Austria

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