Now Promega has Pfu

Chris Fields cjfields at
Tue Sep 1 14:13:54 EST 1998

I have had great success with Pfu, and I work with high G+C DNA
(65-75%).  I haven't had to optimize my PCR reactions as much as I would
for Taq or Vent.  One drawback : extension time is longer (500
bases/min) as compared to the others, but this is from the 3'->5'
exonuclease (proofreader).

user wrote:
> Was just browsing Promega's web site and noted they now offer Pfu DNA
> Polymerase. Thought only Stratagene had this enzyme. Has anyone tried it
> yet? I've had repeated backorders with Stratagene, and would be great to
> have another supplier.

I've never had problems getting it from Stratagene.  Hmm... maybe it's
becoming TOO popular.

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