taurine gels

January Weiner nospam_jweiner1 at ix.urz.uni-heidelberg.de
Tue Sep 1 09:37:33 EST 1998

[ "Carlos A.Moreira-Filho" ]
> Conditions used for the gel: 6% acrylamide, 8M urea, 1 X GTG buffer, 1
> ml APS 10%, 25 microlitres of TEMED (for a 100 ml gel). All itens are
> from Pharmacia except for GTG buffer:USB mixed powder . These conditions
> were suggested at the thermosequenase protocol by Amersham. 
> We also tried TEMED and  APS 25%, 100 microlitres each, and the problem
> persisted.
	I use the ThermoSequenase kit from Amersham, but instead of using
their stop solution and the GTG buffer I dilute my probes 1:1-2 in standard
formamide buffer, and load onto 6% AA 0.7 x TBE buffer. It works fine. 
	Are you using metal plates to ensure homogenous temperature
distribution in the gel?

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