Immunohistology on mouse using mouse monoclonals

nobody at nowhere nobody at nowhere
Wed Sep 2 13:25:22 EST 1998

Dear netter,

To my dismay, the need has arisen to do some immunohistochemistry. More 
specifically I need to check out some muscle markers on our knock-out mice. 
The problem is that the antibodies for the markers are mouse monoclonals, 
which makes their use on mouse tissues dubious at least to my naive 
understanding. Since these particular antibodies were used successfully on 
mice recent literature I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, I got 
similar staining using secondary antibody only as with any on the antibodies. 

I wonder what I might be doing wrong. It would seem logical to me that the 
background arises from endogenous mouse IgG that the secondary antibody reacts 
with. Could this be blocked somehow, maybe with unlabeled anti-mouse-IgG? 
Where would such reagent be available?

If you could point me to some direction, I'd be most grateful. For instance, a 
reference to a good technical review would be most useful, the aforementioned 
literature gives only a very cursory description of the technique used. 


        Jarkko Kortesmaa
        Karolinska Institute
        Stockholm, Sweden
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