chaotropic: what's it mean?

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Wed Sep 2 14:24:28 EST 1998

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> >Chaotropic is a term in protein chemistry referring to a solvent or solute
> >that has propensity (tropos) to induce disordered state (unfolded/thus
> >chaos) in proteins. 
> My friend, I am all blush :-)

Why - did anybody commented on your invention of the hydrophobic forces?

> In _water_, not proteins (despite the fact that
> weakened disrupting hydrophobic does typically result in the protein 
> denaturation. 

Chaotropic/cosmotropic classification of solutes refers to structure in
proteins  and in a way partially redundant to denaturant/...?,
chaotropic/lyotropic classification of ions is by all means related (and
more general) but not negating the above. 


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