ABI 310

I. Sadowski sadowski at REMOVEunixg.ubc.ca
Thu Sep 3 18:15:15 EST 1998


I recently purchased an ABI 310 sequencer for my lab.  I like it a lot,
great seqeunces, simple to use, excellent quality sequencing with the Big
Dye terminators.

However, what I do not like about the instrument is that you have to use a
polymer called POP-6, a sample buffer callet TSR (template suppression
reagent), and an electrophoresis buffer called "310 Genetic Analyser
Buffer with EDTA".  The latter is probably just TBE.  I really would like
to know what all of these are, because if there is a possibility of
preparing them in the lab it would save a lot of expense and down time
when someone forgets to order something in time.

Anybody have any knowledge of the composition of these reagents?  Any
other advice/ tips on use of the 310 would be welcome as well.


i. sadowski

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