Help: cell adhesion assay

Zbigniew Rudzki mprudzki at
Thu Sep 3 09:35:04 EST 1998

David Winterbourne wrote in message <35E69A63.86BF20F5 at>...
>I agree with many of Zbigniew's comments, in particular the points about
>problems the removal of nonadherent cells in microtest plates.
>I found a way of overcoming this problem by fixing the cells by direct
>addition of a dense fixative to the cultures.

Oh yes, but fixing the cells you can also attach the nonadherent cells to
your substrate.  For sure this can occur when the crosslinkers like
formaldehyde are used.
Non-crosslinkers are dangerous as well :  do you know how the regular
cytological smears are prepared ?   The cells smeared on a glass slide are
just submerged for a while in EtOH or ether.  After that they cling the
glass like crazy.

no more adhesion assays --  just pathology and motorcycles    :)

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