Immunohistology on mouse using mouse monoclonals

Ina Hinners hinners at
Thu Sep 3 07:56:18 EST 1998

Dear Jarkko,
I think you are right, you stain the endogenous IgG, this can be avoided
if you biotinylate your first antibody and detect this one with
streptavidine-fluorochrome. If your antibody is purified, its no big
deal to do this.
However, if your cells express the pIgR (Polyimmunglobulinreceptor) you
will get a backgroundstaining as before.

Maybe a blockage (with mouse Ig) could help then, but I am not convinced
about this.
A blockage with anti mouse Ab makes no sence: You cant distingish the
different subsets of mouse Igs. And if you would bind the anti mouse
before treatment with your specific ab, of course this would bind to the
anti mouse ab and you would have exactly the same problem as before.

Good Luck, Ina

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