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I am a postgraduate student in China. I need to isolate RNA from rat kidney
cortex and do Northern blot and dot/slot blot in my experiment. Since I have
no experience, the following articles are very useful for me. But I can't get
these magazines in our library. If you have any of the articles at hand or
you can find any of them easily, would you do me a favor?  And I will also
appreciate it very much if you give me some advises on the tactics or the
strategy or the key to extracting RNA and perform Northern blot. Thank you.
My e-mail address is hope168 at My address is Guo zhijian,
nephrology research center, Guangzhou GD, China, 510515.  The information of
the articles is followed. TI: Establishing suitability of RNA preparations
for crystallization. Determination of polydispersity. AU: Ferre-d'Amare-AR;
Doudna-JA AD: Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale
University, New Haven, CT, USA. SO: Methods-Mol-Biol. 1997; 74: 371-7

TI: Simultaneous extraction of total RNA and peptides from tissues:
application to tachykinins. AU: Too-HP; Maggio-JE AD: Department of
Biochemistry, National University of Singapore. SO: Peptides. 1995; 16(1):

TI: A rapid procedure for mRNA extraction from a large number of samples.
AU: Hengerer-B
AD: Pharmaceutical Research Department, CIBA-GEIGY Ltd., Basle, Switzerland.
SO: Biotechniques. 1993 Apr; 14(4): 522-4

TI: Expression of low density lipoprotein receptor, apolipoprotein AI, AII and
AIV in various rat organs utilizing an efficient and rapid method for RNA
AU: Srivastava-RA; Srivastava-N; Schonfeld-G
AD: Department of Internal Medicine, Washington University School of Medicine,
Saint Louis, MO 63110.
SO: Biochem-Int. 1992 Jun; 27(1): 85-95

TI: Preparation of RNA dot blots.
AU: Hodge-R
AD: Department of Botany, University of Leicester, UK.
SO: Methods-Mol-Biol. 1994; 28: 55-7

TI: Isolation of total and poly A+ RNA from animal cells.
AU: Garner-I
AD: Pharmaceutical Proteins Ltd., Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
SO: Methods-Mol-Biol. 1994; 28: 41-7

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