mercaptoethanol induced ghost band in western-blotting with rabbit antisera

Ulrike Böer uboeer at
Mon Sep 7 04:44:32 EST 1998


Our group is working about G-protein coupled prostaglandin rceptors and
our aim is to detect receptor proteins by western-blotting using
polyclonal rabbit antisera against the receptors. Unfortunatly, if we
reduce our protein samples to denaturate the receptors we see a very
prominant band with a molecular weight around 67 kd after treatment of
our blots with rabbit antisera wich is not vissible if we do not reduce
our samples. 
I would like to ask if someone have also observed this phenomenon and
have overcome this problem?
Thank you very much.
Dr. Frank Neuschaefer-Rube
Dept. of Biochemistry
Georg-August-University, Goettingen, Germany
Email: fneusch at
Tel: xx49 551 39 5950 / 5978 Fax: /5960

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