searching a promoter for recognition sites?

Roney Graf roney.graf at
Wed Sep 9 02:01:32 EST 1998

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f1221 at CC.NAGASAKI-U.AC.JP wrote:

> At 1:48 PM 98.9.8, Roney Graf wrote:
> >
> >    a labmate of mine is looking for a way to run a promoter sequence
> > through a database in order to find all putative transcription (and other)
> > factor binding sites. Any ideas?
> you could try >Matinspector<. It is on the web :

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svetlov at (Vladimir Svetlov) wrote:
> A useful site courtesy of our japanese colleagues:
> If the sites your friend is looking for are not in this database a
> poorman's solution is to enter the sites consensi manually into smth. like
> DNASTAR's MapDraw as "new" restriction enzymes - I've mapped entire yeast
> chromosomes like that.

   Thanks a lot, 'Matinspector' was very helpful (and easy to use, and
fast). I suppose we'll take a look at the suggested databases (including
tfsites.dat of GCG) anyway to make sure we're not missing anything


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