Horrendous background problem on chemiluminescent westerns

Colin Rasmussen colin at nospam.fungus.usask.ca
Wed Sep 9 12:05:38 EST 1998

In article <35f570a7.2937673 at news.iastate.edu>, ckafer at iastate.edu (Guess)

> Hi.  I am hoping somebody can give some tips on cutting down the
> background on my chemiluminescent westerns (ECL reagent).  I get large
> spots, patches and smears all over (as opposed to a nonspecific
> recognition/banding pattern).  Its particularly bad  where the edges
> of the gel contact the membrane during transfer.

How much of the primary and ECL antobodies are you using ??  We've found
that you get a better results with much less of the secondary antisera
than Amersham suggests.

Colin Rasmussen
University of Saskatchewan

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