Help! A question about SSCP

fwhyde at fwhyde at
Wed Sep 9 08:03:21 EST 1998

bianhk wrote:

> I am new to this newsgroup, please forgive me if my behavir is wrong
> or
> rude.
> I am looking for a mutation site of  BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene, the
> material
> of DNA is mostly coming from paraffin.
> I have done SSCP for hundreds of times ,some of them indicate the
> mutation definitaly. However, the results of DNA sequence always beat
> me:there is no mutation at all.
> I know there must be someone who would tell me why.
> Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Overall, SSCP will only detect 50 to 70% of mutations. It's not a super
easy technique ti use, but thoise researchers who do get it to work are
fairly happy with the results. SSCP will not give you any information
other than the fact that a mutation is there (or not), and sequencing is
still the gold standard for locating and fully characterizing
mutations.  There are other techniques out there, as well.

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