gel filtration chrom.: Tween 20 problems

Ian McFarlane i.mcfarlane at
Wed Sep 9 06:15:23 EST 1998

Dan try injecting an aliqout of the buffer and you will have your answer.

In article <6t3rdl$p6$1 at>, dan.dille at wrote:

> Currently use GFC to monitor a biopolymer product. The product formulation
> contains Tween 20 above the CMC. This results in a small chromatographic peak
> appearing between the biopolymer's dimer and monomer peaks. It interfers with
> quantitation. Since it elutes between the column's void and exclusion volume
> and only occurs when the sample contains Tween 20, I'm assuming that its the
> micelles of Tween 20. Does anyone have a similar experience and possible
> solution? Conditions:50mM Na-phosphate, pH6.8, 100mM NaCl Mobile Phase,
> Tosohass G3000SWxl column, UV210nm detection, 200mcL injection volume
> Dan
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