beaucage reagent breakdown?

tom_9c23 at tom_9c23 at
Thu Sep 10 17:18:06 EST 1998

Has anyone heard of or experienced degradation of beaucage reagent (BR)
resulting in a whitish turbid solution in AcN over time?  We usually use it
(very successfully) on a 380B synthesizer with position 17 dedicated to BR or
TEDT solns.  We used it on a 394 on position 10 which usually holds conc'd
NH4OH, and the chalky suspension resulted over a couple of days (of course, we
rinsed the lines to our satisfaction before to eliminate water, and yes, the
bottle was silanized.)

Thank you for your time and attention.

Tom from the core facility.

P.S. Some might like to try this: instead of stock 3M NaOAc soln for EtOH
pptn, compound the acetate in EtOH (1.86 mL HOAc + 7.86g NaOAc*3H2O in 300mL
EtOH). Store in a squirt bottle and squirt in directly to aq DNA to ppt
(usual ratio).

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