Opinions on Thermocycler Brands

Weining, Song WeininS at prose.dpi.qld.gov.au
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There is not much difference between 9700 and Express in the heating/cooling
process. 9700 is more expensive but can be upgraded to two blocks with 386?
wells each, it also has the coolest display screen. Express has a cute
shape, a tiny bit iMac like. Master has a distinctively different feature:
gradient as in the name which will help the optimization of PCR a great
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> Hello everyone,
> Some colleagues of mine in a neighbouring university is planning to buy a
new PCR. Among their possible choices are PE 9700, Hybaid Express, and
Eppendorf Master Gradient. Does anyone happen to use any of these models and
can you please give feedback about them? 
> Thank you very much,
> Benjamin J. Bolival, Jr.
> Natural Sciences Research Institute
> University of the Philippines, Diliman
> 1101 Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
> email: bbolivaljr at mailcity.com 

The "gold standard" of thermocyclers are those made by M-J Research;
the PTC-100 is famous for its reliability. 

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