opinion on amplitaq-gold

Linda Western western at cepheid.com
Mon Sep 14 16:42:38 EST 1998

I have used AmpliTaq Gold in their (PE) TaqMan combined PCR/fluorescence
detection kit.  It doesn't work in my hands and others have told me that
they just throw it away.  The recommended protocol suggests 10 to 12 min at
95 degrees C to "activate" the enzyme.  This is a rediculously long time at
that elevated temp (others had to hold at 95 for 20 minutes to get
"activation").  If you don't have problems with non-specific PCR products,
then use any Taq out there.

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"Weining, Song" <WeininS at prose.dpi.qld.gov.au> wrote in article
<703F5DC6AC02D2119338006097A1716419FDC2 at TBACRMEXH001>...
> I don't know if there has been any discussion on amplitaq-gold from
> Apology in advance if the answer is yes. I used this enzyme a couple of
> years ago and it did not work at all. Some nearby labs got similar
> results---apparently the manufacturer forgot to put some most important
> component in the reaction buffer. PE-ABI is selling amplitaq-gold at a
> not much different from that of other taqs, with conditions attached. I
> would appreciate if people who have experience with this enzyme can
> on the performance and price. Thanks in advance.
> Song Weining
> weinins at dpi.qld.gov.au

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