gel filtration

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Mon Sep 14 20:37:27 EST 1998

On Mon, 07 Sep 1998 15:28:58 GMT, Dima Klenchin wrote:

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:>>Hi netters,
:>>I have a problem wich is quiet embarassing: I managed to run a
:>Unlike Sepharoses, Sephacryl is somewhat more resistant to drying.
:>By rehydrating, you can get usable column (say, if it is crude preparative
:>separation). However, there is no doubt that there is some irreversible
:>damage to the matrix and that such column will not be appropriate for
:>demanding applications . Personally, I would throw it away and pack 
:>a new column regardless.
:>        - Dima

In our german laboratory we could not afford to throw away the two bottles Sephacryl in a 
huge gel filtration column. We ran it for i while (5 volumes or so) with 70% ethanol and then 
applied a gradient from 70% ethanol to pure water. Then the column was opened, the 
material equilibrated in buffer and the column prepared as if the sephacryl was fresh...
and it worked quite fine.


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