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Jan Hoolwerf hoolwerf at solair.inter.nl.net
Tue Sep 15 02:21:53 EST 1998


On Sunday September 13 1998, Weining, Song wrote to All:

 WS> I used this enzyme a couple of years ago and it did not work at all.

I have used it for a PCR i had problems with and it worked. BUT.. after
re-optimizing my PCR and imho it's not a drop-in replacement for Amplitaq or
another brand of Taq. Also, use the buffer that comes with Amplitaq Gold.

We still use it in a TaqMan kit. Works good, after optimizing the PCR again.

 WS> PE-ABI is selling amplitaq-gold at a price not much different from
 WS> that of other taqs,

I normally use Tag from an other manufacturer and that is *much* cheaper that
Amplitaq (or Gold) and since the results with Amplitaq Gold are not that much
superior in our PCR's we no longer use it for normal PCR's.

 WS> with conditions attached.

If you mean legal conditions... that's not only with PE.

regards, Jan Hoolwerf

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