PROBLEM: DNA Sequence Orientation

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Wed Sep 16 09:39:13 EST 1998


For a sequence that small, the easiest way to "reclone" it may be to
synthesize two oligos, one sense and one AS, anneal them and clone them into
your vector of choice.	This of course presumes that you a convenient
restriction site or sites to use in the cloning.

Good Luck,
Michael Barnhart
Laboratory Supervisor
Connective Tissue Physiology Lab
University of Houston

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  "Rick A. Bright" <rbright at> wrote:
> Please Help....
> I have a plasmid vector that contains a region that is supposed to be
> read AS, but I have it reading sense.  Is there a simple way to just
> switch the orientation of this region (40bp)?  I do not have the
> original plasmid to cut from again, so I have to use the one I currently
> have with the wrong orientation.
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Rick Bright

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