jose manaligod jmmana at pop.uky.edu
Wed Sep 16 08:30:54 EST 1998

We are running 6% Acrylamide gels using .4mm spacers and combs.  We are
having a lot of problems with our samples leaking out of the wells into
the one beside it.  After our PCR we use 8ul of the PCR sample and 3ul of
dye.  We greese the comb with vaccum grease.  Has anyone had this problem,
if so do you know how to prevent leaking?

Magie Chokloikaew
University Of Kentucky 
Dept. Otolaryngology/Molecular Genetic Research
800 Rose Street 
Lexington, KY 40536-0084
606-2575096 fax
mchokl at pop.uky.edu

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