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This is once the gel is placed into the electropheris box and clamped into
place.  We then place the comb into the gel and after testing the amount a
well can hold with a -c, we then load accordingly.  It then leaks from
behind the comb into the well beside it.  In article
<jmmana-1609980830560001 at>, jmmana at pop.uky.edu (jose
manaligod) wrote:

> We are running 6% Acrylamide gels using .4mm spacers and combs.  We are
> having a lot of problems with our samples leaking out of the wells into
> the one beside it.  After our PCR we use 8ul of the PCR sample and 3ul of
> dye.  We greese the comb with vaccum grease.  Has anyone had this problem,
> if so do you know how to prevent leaking?
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