]more help needed for betalactamase assay

ELAINE B S NEWMAN neweb at alcor.concordia.ca
Thu Sep 17 19:27:42 EST 1998

More help needed on betalactamase.

Thanks to Dr.Siemer for the suggestion of using a compound in
the Calbiochem catalogue, PADAC. It turns out that Calbiochem is
the only maker in North America and they dont have any and are
unable to make it these days- apparently its npot very easy to

The other compound used is nitrocefin- so far I am unable to find
out who sells that. 

If anyone can identify a source of either compound, or find 10 mg
or so in their freezer, we would be very grateful indeed.

Other info re lactamase assaying is still eagerly awaited.
With thanks

Elaine Newman 
Concordia University
neweb at vax2.concordia.ca

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