quantification of plant DNA

Diana Wolf dewolf at bio.indiana.edu
Fri Sep 18 13:10:36 EST 1998

We use a florometer rather than a spec to measure DNA concentration, but
doesn't the spec detect RNA as well as DNA? (I think the 260/280 ratio
just tells you if there is protein contamination, right?).  The Ethidium
bromide shouldn't stain RNA very efficiently.  Also, I thought that you
couldn't measure DNA amount very accurately on a gel - you just eyeball
the bands and compare the brightness to other bands?
You might get a more accurate reading of DNA concentration with a florometer.

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> The quantification of plant DNA performed by absobtion at 260nm and gel
> staining with ethidium bromide give result different by a factor of about
> 6, although the 260/280 ratio is correct. What is the cause of this
> discrepancy.
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