Ken Starr Report Collectable

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Mon Sep 21 00:41:51 EST 1998

The Collectable Market is Booming!

By now, we all know about the explosive Kenneth Starr report on 
President Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky.  We also know 
the prominent role cigars played in that affair.

Whether or not we agree politically, one thing is for sure - this 
is an exciting moment in history that will not be forgotten.

We are proud to offer a Special Edition of Cigars commemorating 
the release of the Starr Report.
These cigars come five to a set and each contains a special cigar 
band commemorating this most historic event.
Special Edition Cigars make a great gift for any cigar lover, 
history buff or collector. 
Order the Special Edition Cigars Today.  Please send $19.95 plus 
$3.65 shipping and handling (Check, Money Order or Cash) to:  
			RCR Management Services, Inc.
			P.O. Box 262				
			Princeton Junction, NJ 08550             
Please make sure to include your name and shipping address with 
your payment.  Order two - one for yourself and one for a friend 
or colleague. It also makes an extremely thoughtful gift.

Must be 18 Years of age to order.



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