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vijay Gadkar viju at
Mon Sep 21 22:39:06 EST 1998

 Dear  Netters,
I would like to probe some differential display fragments islolated from the gel by dot blotting them (there are quite a few) and probing them with cDNA (labelled).  I was planing to use biotin labelled random hexamers for making the cDNA and use it for probing the dot blot. Then develop the blot using a biotin detection kit (e.g CDP star
etc. Would this work ? This could save me the labelling kit radioactive) which otherwise I have to buy seprately. I have come across lot of protocols where people  have used non-radioactie labelling kit (typically biotin labelling) and then using the cDNA as a probe. Would this type of labelling work ???? Can probes of such kind work ? Please mail your responses  at:
       viju at


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