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Mon Sep 21 19:23:00 EST 1998

CENSA, the Collaborative Electronic Notebook Systems Association is
searching for Senior Member Recruitment Specialists to help continue
our excellent growth.  Our group has developed a successful record
of growth over the last 2 ½ years and we are looking for senior
people to help us manage and accelerate the growth.  Please
consider the attached job description and let us know if you want
to help us to continue our success.  Following is a description of
our group, goals, and members.

CENSA is the first market development association.  CENSA focuses
on creating and accelerating markets for "new information automation"
for science and technical applications.  By "new automation" we mean
electronic notebooks and related recordkeeping systems, integrated
document management and workflow systems, groupware and information
sharing, collaborative computing, and knowledge management systems.

CENSA works in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, healthcare,
food, beverage, consumer products, high technology, and other
industries where government regulations or patents are fundamental
to product research, development, and manufacturing.

CENSA is comprised of the following Fortune 200 and other

Abbott Laboratories
Adobe Systems
Boehringer Ingelheim
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Computer Sciences Corporation
Dow Chemical Company
Dow AgroSciences
Monsanto Life Sciences
Procter and Gamble
Purdue Pharmaceuticals
Rohm and Haas Company
United States Department of Energy
UOP, LLC (an Allied Signal Company)

We will announce several new members as soon as we get clearance from
them to do so.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Dr. Rich Lysakowski
Executive Director


Member Recruitment Specialist  (Technical Salesperson)

Our exciting leading-edge collaborative programs improve automation
for the R&D and business functions in pharmaceutical, chemical,
biotechnology, healthcare, and high technology companies.  As our
recruitment specialist, you will lead and manage member recruitment
and product sales for the company.  Your business skills, market insight
and knowledge will help drive our work in market development for
electronic notebook and recordkeeping systems, collaborative computing
systems, scientific software, groupware, document management, Intranets,
client/server systems, and application integration tools.

Your overall responsibilities will include:

·    Lead the company's recruitment and product sales efforts
·    Design and implement programs to attract new members
·    Manage the sales effort within budget and expense goals

You will be responsible for qualifying prospective members, forming
relationships and educating them, negotiating contracts and finalizing
new memberships.  You will be expected to review, approve (and if
necessary, improve) all collateral and materials that you will use
with prospective members.  Prior experience doing consultative sales,
solution selling and/or concept selling will serve you well in this
job.   Process support systems will be provided to assist you.


Familiarity and working knowledge of one or more of the following
relevant technologies and products will be helpful to you in this
job.  The ability to quickly pick up technologies unfamiliar to you
is important.

·    Groupware, document and workflow management, and collaborative
computing tools,
·    World Wide Web and Internet protocols,
·    Electronic recordkeeping and records management systems and
·    Middleware and systems integration tools,
·    Lab automation and robotics, LIMS, instrument interfacing;
·    Chemical, biological and materials informatics systems from
various vendors (e.g., CAS, MDL, Beilstein, Daylight, Synopsis,
Oxford Molecular Group, MAG, others)
·    Combinatorial chemistry, synthesis, and high throughput
screening technologies.

AVAILABILITY FOR EMPLOYMENT:  The position is full-time employment.
Start immediately.  Strong preference given to people already living
in the Northeast United States.  Must relocate to Boston area.

SALARY RANGE:  Expected compensation can go over $150K including
bonuses if you achieve revenue goals.  Actual compensation will depend
on the prior experience, qualifications, skills and motivation you
bring to the job,.  Stock options or other ownership options may be
given to the right person with the appropriate level of commitment.

WORK DIRECTION:  You will work with and under the direction of the
Association Executive Director, who indicates general assignments, and
priorities.   You will be expected to independently perform recurring
assignments such as conducting recruitment events, and communicating
with current and prospective members and customers.  Some administrative
support will be available.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING:  A background in chemical or life sciences
or biomedical engineering will be very helpful since we work mainly
in the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, healthcare, consumer packaged
goods, high technology and related industries.  A good understanding of
R&D, testing lab and office automation and information technology will
help you succeed because computing directors and R&D managers in
regulated industries are often main points of contact.

ASSOCIATION MISSION: Our mission is to catalyze emerging markets and
creation of leading-edge technologies that make it easier to discover
and develop new products that improve the quality of life.  We drive
the creation, convergence, effective usage, and continuous improvement
of automation technologies and methodologies that facilitate scientific
discovery, collaboration, and product development by technical and
business professionals.

ASSOCIATION PHILOSOPHY:  Everyone in our association succeeds best by
bringing a fun-loving spirit and a missionary zeal and commitment to
delivering leading edge research, engineering, technologies, and
business deals.  We have fun meeting complex technical and business
challenges, and delivering excellent products and solutions to our
members.   We employ bright, young-minded professionals who are highly
competent and accomplished in multi-company business and technology
development projects.  We reward our employees generously and give
them appropriate opportunities and challenges to stimulate their
professional growth.  Our success is measured by how well we delight
our members by defining and driving new markets that serve them.  We
love learning from others, and teaching and mentoring our members and
other customers.  We transfer the results of our research and
engineering work in ways that greatly improve their business operations
and make us all members of the association more profitable.


Karen Coste, Office Manager
Collaborative Electronic Notebook Systems Association
800 West Cummings Park, Suite 5400
Woburn, MA 01801
(781) 935-9600 phone
(781) 935-3113 fax
e-mail: kcoste at

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