3'-untranslated conservation common or not?

Frauke Naumann fnaumann at scan.genetik.uni-koeln.de
Tue Sep 22 08:18:05 EST 1998

>Dear Soenke,
>Yes, the 3'UTR is very commonly conserved.
>This region is believed to be involved in the regulation of transcript
>stability (=> steady state level of expression) and intracellular
>transport / localization of the transcript, as well as polyadenylation
>In some cases, it enhances translation, too.
> ....
>Patrick F.H. Lai  < PFHLai at looksmart.com >
>Graduate Student
>University of Toronto
>Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dear Patrick and netters,
Concerning the conservation of 3'UTRs, how do you know it's really common? I
thought the differences of 3'UTRs is the basis of mapping EST clones (that
are mainly 3' reads ) in hybrid cell lines? The gene I cloned has also a
conserved 3'UTR and now I don't know what to think: normal or special and
therefore an interesting feature?
Thanks for any information,

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