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Jan-Peter Siebrasse wrote:

> Rich Dudley wrote:
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> > On SDS-PAGE, no.  I'm not sure about native PAGE, but probably.
> >
> > rich
> >
> From my own experience, yes. Most of the GFP/GFP fusion protein will not
> be denatured as long the sample will not be heated or your gel is
> running too hot. And you have to load your sample immediatly after
> mixing them with sample buffer. After fixation fluorescence will be
> lost, of course. I even noticed a clearly visible fluorescent band after
> transferring GFP/GFP fusionproteins onto a NC membrane for Western
> Blots.
> BTW, the non-denatured GFP runs at an apparently lower molecular weight
> (ca. 8kDa "smaller" than the denatured protein). Most likely due to the
> more compact structure of the native protein I think.
> Jan-Peter Siebrasse

 Just out of curiosity, how do you visualize the green--with a

I usually include boiling in SDS-PAGE buffer as part of my protocol.  I'll
have to try this!


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