subcellular fractionation without ultracentrifuge?

Kenneth Maas z910940 at
Thu Sep 24 15:39:24 EST 1998

There is a chemical called Percoll (I can't remember who sells it--Pharmacia?).
Percoll forma a gradient as your sample is being centrifuged so that dense
particles migrate farther through the gradient than lighter molecules.  The
centrifugation speed needs to be at about 30,000 to 40,000g's for about 30
minutes to get efficient separation.  If enzymatic assays or protein assays are
to be performed afterwords, the percoll must be removed (a drawback of using
Good Luck, Ken Maas

Samuel Gray wrote:

> Hi,
> Does anyone know of a way to seperate cellular components (membrane etc)
> without using an ultracentrifuge? We need to do some fractionation and don't
> have access to an ultrafuge anywhere.
> Thanks,
> Samuel Gray,
> Division of Vascular Medicine,
> Derbyshire Royal Infirmary,
> Derby,
> UK.
> samuel.gray at

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