6 histidine immunocytochemistry

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We  have a 6xHis antibody that recognizes the 6xHis epitope regardless of
the surrounding sequence. Please visit our website for more info.

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Stephen Morris <mdm8 at NOSPAMmusica.mcgill.ca> wrote in message
mdm8-2309981143070001 at
>Hi All,  I have some constructs that are tagged with
>arginine-glycine-serine 6 histidine and I'd like to do immunocytochemisty
>on cultured cells expressing my cDNAs.  I've had little luck with the
>quiagen rgs6his antibody.  Can anybody suggest an antibody and/or fixation
>conditions that would work.
>Thank you  Stephen.
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>Stephen Morris, PhD.
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>Montreal Neurological Institute
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