Stability of Triton X100?

akgfc,a noone at
Thu Sep 24 04:43:44 EST 1998

In article <3607b07c.257908007 at>, tana at (James Cook) wrote:

> I would like to treat  tough membrane materials in Triton X 100 in
> acidic pH (0.1N HC) for 30 min in hot water bath (80°C or above).  My
> question is how stable Triton X  100  is at acidic pH?  One of my
> conern is a possible hydrolysis of Triton.   I would appreciate some
> comments on my question.    
> Regards,
> Sam

I'm not shure about 80 degrees, but I know that you shouldn't autoclave
Triton as the molecule hydrolyses.


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