DNA recovery

Jun Mark Zhang jmzhang at stressgen.com
Fri Sep 25 16:48:25 EST 1998

Hi, what do you mean "using a comb for minipreps"?


>I think you can re-concentrate (using a speed-vac) your sample before
>loading it into the gel,the idea is that you loading the same volume but
>with more sample (that is mean more template).....another thing, are you
>using a comb for minipreps?
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>On 25 Sep 1998 00:05:07 -070   Jing Zhang wrote:
>>Hi, do you have any ideas on DNA recovery from agarose gel ?
>> I'm doing in vitro transcription and need large amount of high quanlity
>>DNA template (DNA should be in 10 to 20 microgram) without any RNase or RNA
>> To prepare DNA template, I usually did miniprep, linearized miniprep DNA
>>by restriction enzyme digestion, run low melting agarose gel and purified
>>DNA from LMT gel, I found the recovery of linearized DNA was very low. you
>>might have experience on in vitro transcription or prepare DNA template for
>>in vitro synthesis of RNA, how did you get relative large amount of DNA ?
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