Need Vendor for 2 ml, 96 well polypropylene dish. Not Corning (backordered).

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Fri Sep 25 04:52:56 EST 1998

In article <360AB16D.B61EA748 at>, Dr. Paul Gold <paulgold at MVP.NET>
>Hi folks,
>Does anyone know of a source of the 2 ml, 96 well polypropylene dish
>besides Corning.  They have been backordered for almost two months and
>keep moving the ship to date further into the future.  Thanks.
Advanced Biotechnologies manufacture 2ml polypropylene 96 well plates
Distributed in the US by MarshBiomedical Products:
E-mail: sales at
Web site:

Geoff Scopes-- 
Advanced Biotechnologies Ltd

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